C.U.P.I.(communities united, promoting inclusion


Some of the organisers of the Greenhills fun day have formed a constituted voluntary group to provide activities and opportunities for young people in our area. Members of Communities United Promoting Inclusion (C.U.P.I) have recently been working in partnership with Move-the-Goalposts, a joint police and council initiative, with the aims of tackling anti-social behaviour and other issues affecting our area.
Recently 26 young people from Greenhills and surrounding area gained a level 1 SFA coaching certificate.
The course was organised and funded through M.T.G and CUPI members were delighted to be involved on the day, with one of our ‘mature’ female members gaining an SFA qualification.
With M.T.G still providing 5-a-side football on a Thursday night and with the ‘nights fair drawn in’ and getting colder CUPI members have hired a room for the next 5 weeks in the community centre to provide hot, healthy snacks for the young people (male and female who are practically queuing for a game of fives). This has been made possible with a donation from local football club EKYC who raised the money during a charity match at our fun day in July.
We will also take this opportunity to engage with the young people and ask them what services or activities they would like to see in their area.
We  also planned a day out to M&D’s during the October school break for 30-40 children, with healthy snacks provided on the day to help keep the cost to parents down. On the 30th October we held a Halloween party evening for children aged 5-18  with the younger children being accompanied by an adult. This was also be held in the Greenhills Community Centre. There was music, competitions and all the usual fun and games associated with Halloween, and for some of the more adventurous guisers there was the opportunity to hear some spooky tales in the witches den! So some came ‘prepared to be scared!’
Some time at the end of November or early December we are planning an under 18 dance in the community hall in conjunction with Club-Scene, from Castlemilk, where young people can come together in a safe environment and burn some calories to their favourite dance tunes.
CUPI, working in partnership with other groups, aim to provide a full programme of activities for all, through the coming winter months, to promote inclusion for all in our area. Anyone interested in getting involved or supporting CUPI or for further information on our upcoming activities should contact John  or Morag on 07878441690, you can also keep up to date with our activities by regularly checking your local paper the EK news.

Update on clubnight

With the C.U.P.I. friday night club being off for the last two weeks due to fundraising events being held in the community hall we took the opportunity to take part in some additional outdoor activities.
Working in partnership with Universal Connections and M-t-G we were able to access 36 places for young people to take part in various activities.
On friday night, two mini-buses full of eager teenagers set off from the Greenhills square. One heading  for the Sportworks "Urban Soccer" venue in hamilton and the other to the Glasgow Climbing centre.
The urban soccer,held in an abandoned factory, provides a great opportunity for those taking part to develop their skills and fitness, while tackling drills and obstacles, set up to mimick activities played on the streets by by hundreds of young people, including some of our most famous footballers, in day's gone by. Perhaps our national games current development coaches should have a closer look !
All those taking part had a thouroghly enjoyable evening and were a pleaasure to work with.
C.U.P.I. volunteers Maureen and Mary attended Glasgows climbing wall with the other group and were delighted to report an exellent time was had by all. Maureen said,"To see the excitement and sense of achievment on the faces of the young people taking park makes it all worthwhile. Lesley and Kat, instructors from the Outdoor Resource Base (ORB)  are a pleasure to work with. The respect and encouragement they show to the young people is reciprocated and goes a long way to making these activities a success.
The previous weekend we had another two groups of our members taking part in mountain biking, in The Trossach', near Aberfoyle and also at the Urban Soccer.
We must thank Phil, Thomas and all the team at Universal Connections and likewise, all the team at ORB for all their support.
This friday coming our club night resumes with all our usual activities including, free badminton lessons from Badminton Scotland coaches. Also on friday twelve of our members will also be travelling to the  International Badminton Championship tournament, being held in the Kelvin Hall glasgow to take part in the Community Cashback competition. We wish them luck and hope they all enjoy the experience.
C.U.P.I are going from strength to strength and are making links an forming partnerships with many groups and organizations and would like to thank everyone who is supporting us. This is a real community effort which seems to be working and we would invite anyone who would like to help to join us.
This online album has 8 photos and will be available on SkyDrive until 18/02/2012.